Example Wins

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Example #1

This straight forward example shows the power of the charts. I'm still not sure why Aston Axel was paying so much when it clearly shows good form. The Black (Tibby Shore) was the odds on favourite, its past form is good but its recent was sub par and didn't make the first 3 across the line.  A good payout @ $11w and $2.75p.

example win #1


Example #2

This next race shows the importance of using both these 2 charts in conjunction with each other. At first glance on the first chart the #1 in red (Galway Icon) doesn't look that fantastic, though it is showing an upward trend form line. It's not till you look at the +50 -50 chart that its form really stands out over the 520m current race distance.

Example win #2


Example #3

This race shows how speculative you can be with a good upward trend form line. After coming back from a break, the green (Quetzalli) was getting stronger each race and paid a whopping $31w & $4.33p. Obviously these don't always win, but the point is you only have to be right every 1/31 races to break even.

Example win 3


Example #4

Another good speculation find, the #2 (Full Treatment) shows good speed and was paying a big $26w & $4p. While the upward trend form line is a good indicator it's not always a determining one as you can see from the image below. It didn't have a lot of data for it's early speed splits so was a bit of a gamble, but at $26 you can't go too wrong.

Example #4


Example #5

As you can see on the charts, Fancy Irene has good upward trend form and the early speed chart told me she had enough in the beginning to cross and lead. That she did and held on to win a nice $5.5 dividend. 

Dapto R6 win


Example #6

This one was tricky, but at the price it was definitely overs in my opinion. The distance was a worry but my charts were telling me its early speed was amazing, sure enough it came out with a huge lead and held on to win the chocolates (just) for a $7.50 win.

Angle Park win