What's Inside The Form Charts?


1: Provincial track dogs can look faster than what they are (especially Mount Gambier dogs.) So rate Metro track results higher than provincial.
2: Check greyhounds are going up or down in distance, the +50m -50m chart helps with this, always be wary of a dog untested at a longer distance.
3: Try to avoid maiden races, especially maidens with debut dogs that have no data (they won't display on the chart unless they've had recorded trials).


Each form chart comes with every race for that meeting, each race currently contains 3 charts of statistics about each dog racing (If they aren't on debut of course).


Speed of dog compared to par win times of the track & distance

This chart is where the magic begins to happen. 

It is created by:

1: Get the previous race times of each dog in the race.

2:  For every previous time, reference the exact track & distance against a database of every win time in the last year.

3: Average all those win times (Par win time).

4: Compare the time of the dog vs the par win time.

5: Plot the difference either + or - onto the chart.


A par win time is great as it removes the outliers of fastest and slowest win times, due to weather conditions etc.

The bigger the number on the Y axis the faster the dog is compared to the average win time, as you can see in the below image.

Speed of dog compared to par win times of the track & distance

Speed of dog +50m or -50m of current race distance

This chart plots the same data as the previous chart but only if the distance is 50m either side of the current race distance.

This chart is important to use in conjunction with the previous chart. E.g A dog might look fast in the previous chart BUT it may be a sprinter and is now in a longer distance race where it can get tired. Vice versa if it's a sprint race it can show a dog who is fast over long distance but takes time to wind up to full speed and won't do well in a sprint.

Speed of dog +50m or -50m of current race distance


Early Speed compared with par early speed

This chart does the same thing as the speed charts except it looks at first split time instead of the overall time. One of, if not the most important factor in greyhound racing is early speed. If a dog can get out in front at the start and miss all the bumping/checks. it has a huge advantage of winning the race.

Early Speed compared with par early speed


Final Words

The raced used to show "what's inside" was one I found back in May 2019 as you can see "Zipping Navy" was in good form and ticked a lot of boxes. The fact it was paying $6.50 was an easy bet. A great way to find value!